1. Showtime

"Showtime" - A Beetlejuice Tribute
Original Score "Beetlejuice" TV Theme Song by Danny Elfman
Produced by Angel Graves

Mixed by Angel Graves and Josh Saldate

At Tone Distillery -- Longwood, FL

Released October 29, 2017
Performed by Devils Envy

Vocals -- Angel Graves
Drums -- Sean St. John
Bass -- Jeff Fernandez
Guitars -- Austin Diaz

Additional credits:
Barton Hill, Zakk Sandler, and Kyden Lee

(c) All rights reserved


It's Showtime!

Welcome to the afterlife
You broken soul
There's no turning back
So make yourself at home
'Cause even if you leave
You'll end up right back here
Where you belong

We'll haunt the living just for show
The darkest terror
And all around the world
We make it so

Just say my name
And I'll show you
Ghost with the most
You know it's true
Come on set me free
There's nothing to lose

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

Watch it consume you
Watch it consume me
You think you played me
But I won
I won
Come watch me play
As the bodies fall
I won, I won

It's Showtime!

Don't ever turn your back on me
You're talking to a dead guy, see?
And everything you've ever known
Will be forever lost
In my own grave
To Keep